It’s hammer time at Poynting Antennas – with apologies to MC Hammer and Mercedes F1! A couple of weeks ago we had a lot of fun seeing how far we can push our ruggedized antennas.

We asked the Poynting muscle (yes, they exist!) to get their gym workout and simultaneously generate some excellent video material. We mounted the:

and asked them to try and break the antenna enclosure, whereafter we pressure cleaned and measured them again.

Click on the videos below to see your preferred antenna being pounded. Our favorite video is of the MIMO-3 during the IK10 testing – this antenna just doesn’t want to budge or break – it really took some effort to get the housing to crack.
mimo ik10
mimo ip69k
puck ik10
puck ip69k
rhyno ik10
rhyno ip69k

After watching these videos, you can see why these antennas are ideal to use anywhere where a highly durable and highly rugged antenna is required. You get the rugged enclosure and exceptional electrical performance that you have learnt to expect of a Poynting Antenna.

For more information on the IP69 Rating, please read this article titled: IP69K Rating of our PUCK & MIMO-3 Series.

Please contact your closest Poynting partner for more information.

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