The MiniHELI Enclosure
2400-2500 MHz; 5000-6000 MHz2.4 GHz 12dBi; 5 GHz 13dBiUni-Directional2.4-2.5 GHz 5.0-6.0 GHz2x2 MIMO Possible with RHC & LHC combined IP 65-40°C to +70°CFire Resistant

Circular Polarised, Uni-Directional Mine/Tunnel Antenna; Dual-band Wi-Fi

2400 - 2500 MHz, 12dBi; 5000 - 6000 MHz, 13dBi

  • Circular Polarised HELI antenna provides enhanced signal propagation and connection stability within a tunnel
  • Left Hand Circular (LHC) & Right-Hand Circular (RHC) polarised
  • Uni-directional – radiates in one direction in a tunnel
  • Ruggedized, water and dust ingress protected (IP 65)
  • Ideal for Mining & Tunnel M2M and IoT deployments

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Product Overview

The HELI-21 forms part of a series of Mini-HELI antennas. These antennas are only mini in size relative to their bigger brothers, the HELI-3, HELI-4 & HELI-8, but offer medium to high gain, which makes these antennas ideal for mining tunnels where IoT/M2M connectivity is deployed and can also be used for coverage into the stopes.
The HELI-21 is a dual-band 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz Wi-Fi antenna, radiating in both directions (i.e. bi-directional). This makes them ideal for the coverage of both Wi-Fi bands in mining and other type of tunnels. These antennas are typically used for the deployment of IoT within the tunnel to provide telemetry and mine automation. These antennas are available in both Left Hand Circular (LHC) & Right-Hand Circular (RHC) polarised antenna elements to provide optimal decorrelation within a MIMO deployment when using the BRKT-45, resulting in optimum performance. The decorrelation is due to the polarisation difference and spatial diversity, between the two antenna elements, which enhances MIMO performance and RF reliability within a mining tunnel. The dual-band Wi-Fi connection propagates around tunnel bends in a Non-Line of Sight scenario and provides immunity to many Wi-Fi signal disrupting objects such as trains and drilling machinery which appear to obscure the tunnel.

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Product Options
SKU A-HELI-0021-V3-01 A-HELI-0021-V3-02
COAX Cable Type RG-141 RG-141
COAX Cable Length 0.4m 0.4m
Color Grey Grey
Shipping Details
SKU A-HELI-0021-V3-01 A-HELI-0021-V3-02
EAN 6009710925782 6009710925805
HS Code #85291069 #85291069
Packaged Weight 4.4kg
Packaged Dimensions 650 x 460 x 325 mm
25.59 x 18.11 x 12.8 inch
650 x 460 x 325 mm
25.59 x 18.11 x 12.8 inch
Master Box QTY 20 20
Master Box Weight 9.02kg
Master Box Dimensions 650 x 460 x 325 mm
25.59 x 18.11 x 12.8 inch
650 x 460 x 325 mm
25.59 x 18.11 x 12.8 inch
Country of Origin RSA RSA

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