Superfast internet in rural Ireland using POYNTING Antennas!

Novatel Communications, our partner in the UK, had a customer in rural Donegal, Ireland who needed a reliable internet solution. Novatel recommended using two POYNTING LPDA-92 antennas for MIMO connectivity on the 4G router, which resulted in excellent internet speed.


Novatel Communications Limited (NCL) is a Professional Sales and Installations company providing Cellular Connectivity Solutions across Ireland, the UK, and Europe. They also serve customers in the UAE, and Africa.

NOVATEL has a customer who lives in beautiful Donegal, rural Ireland, with its wild and rugged landscape. This customer required an internet solution that he could rely on. He was using 2 of the POYNTING LPDA-92 antennas, to ensure MIMO connectivity on their 4G router and had excellent results.

The Challenge

When his local cell tower was upgraded to 5G – the customer wanted to further improve the performance, especially at peak traffic times.

The Solution

Our customer returned to NOVATEL and POYNTING for a trusted solution, and decided on one of POYNTING’s innovative antennas, the EPNT-2. The EPNT-2 is a solution that combines the powerful 5G/LTE MIMO cross Polarised XPOL-2-5G with a CPE Enclosure. This design removes the need for long COAX cables, eliminating the losses these are accountable for. Our customer installed the PCB board from his 5G router inside the EPNT-2 and took his connection performance to a whopping 329 Mbps!

The LPDA-92s did not go to waste!

Finally, because sharing is caring, our customer offered his previous LPDA-92 solution to his brother – who also lives in Rural Donegal – and again the POYNTING antennas delivered unrivalled results at their new location. The connection’s download speed increased from

5mbps to 191 Mbps off peak time and the upload speeds went from 1 to 32 Mbps.

4G Results with POYNTING LPDA-92 consisting of antennas:

  • Download 76.8Mbps
  • Upload 13.7Mbps

5G Results with POYNTING EPNT-2 with integrated board:

  • Download 329.35Mbps
  • Upload 257.73Mbps
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