Visiting Poynting’s International Distributors

During the month of September, Mrs Juan Potgieter, Head of International Sales, had the privilege of visiting three of POYNTING’s International Distributors based in the United States and Canada. Flying just short of 35 000km (21 700 miles) in 12 days, her first stop was to Traverse City, Michigan at Frontier Computer Corp. As they are the world’s largest Peplink Distributors, we at POYNTING are very excited to have them as a value-added distributor. They currently stock a variety of our Directional (LPDA-92 and XPOL-2) and Omni Directional (OMNI-292-V2 and OMNI-400) Antennas.

Flying in and out before the terrifying Hurricane Florence hit North Carolina, Juan had a busy day at Real Time Ops based in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Real Time Ops is a “Smart Distributor” providing current researched knowledge to their reseller community. Real Time Ops represents major wireless M2M manufacturers including Sierra Wireless AirLink, Digi International, Red Lion Sixnet, Multi Tech, CalAmp, and CradlePoint, and POYNTING is honoured to be a part of such a prestige brand offering. Real Time Ops supplies our XPOL-2OMNI-292-V2 and LPDA-92 antennas.

The last stop was to Crossover Distribution in Brampton Toronto Canada. Crossover is more than a distribution partner for many of the world’s top wireless broadband and in-building wireless manufacturers. Crossover provides skilled design and implementation engineering expertise and that is why POYNTING decided to partner with them. They sell our MIMO-1, MIMO-3 and Patch-25 antennas along with our directional and omni-directional antennas.

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